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Release worries, reduce stress, witness results via EEG & HR training at home.
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Flowtime Brain Tag
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Sleep Tracker

Sleep analysis based on brainwaves, heart rate, HRV & movements.

Offer you the richest sleep insights.

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Flowtime Smart Meditation Cushion

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Train with Biofeedback: More Focus & Calm

Flowtime works like a personal responsive coach for beginners and pros. The advanced EEG & PPG sensors track your body signals with precision, providing timely sound alerts according to your status and goals.

Step 1 Follow Guided Practice

Soft vibration and crafted sound guidance transform meditation into an immersive experience. Easier for beginners to cultivate calm awareness.

Step 2 Hear the Audio Cues

Know for sure when you are in the state of Flow or Coherence. And then dive deeper into it. Deep theta or high gamma status are also trackable.

Step 3 See the Calm Focus Mind

Monitor real-time changes in the body & mind, with post-session reports for review. Progress are measurable and visible.

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Learn more about your brain during sleep

Experience the future of sleep tracking with our Brain Tag – it watches over your sleep by monitoring EEG, heart rate, breathing, temperature, and movement.

the most comprehensive data

Multidimensional Tracking

Built-in EEG & PPG sensors make it possible to track brain and body changes at the same time. Including:

  • Flow/Coherence
  • Brainwaves: alpha/beta/theta/delta/gamma
  • Relaxation/Attention/Heart Rate/HRV/Stress
the most powerful Biofeedback System

Advanced Biofeedback

Every metric you see can be the training goal. Know you're getting there as you hear the sound. No more guesswork or relying solely on feelings.

  • 10 metrics available to set up
  • 4 biofeedback sounds
  • intervals from 5s to 30s
Flowtime Biodata Report

Witness Immediate Benefits of Meditation

Don't let a lack of immediate results hold you back from continuing your meditation practice. After just one session, you can already observe some of the amazing effects that meditation can have, as reported in our app.

What people say
What people say
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— Author's name
What people say
Best device that monitors your brain and heart coherency. When you reach the most coherent flow rate it will gave you a Bio-feedback sound that you choose as a soft chine or gong letting you know you are in the Flow! I love this device I researched all the other brain wave devices and none of them can do all of this.
— Antonia J. Bautista
What people say
As a meditation teacher I am always on the lookout for ways to support my students in their practice. I've found Flowtime to be reliable and accurate over the years that I've used it. Recently, they have upgraded their app to include biofeedback. I prefer the Flowtime biofeedback because it just gives you a pleasant sound when you are in the target state but is silent otherwise.
— Kevin Schoeninger
What people say
Not only amazing, but in our hectic world I believe this headband to be essential. I bought it for seeing the brainwaves and that alone makes it a must buy at least once in your life. What I have found amazingly is the tracking of your stress level. I work in IT so knowing exactly how stressed I am informs me when I am more stressed than I realize.
— Julian D

Developing a meditation habit for lasting benefits

We all know that meditation is super beneficial, but sometimes it can be to stay on track. Flowtime is here to help you out, offering everything you need from beginner to expert.

Multiple practice modes

Practice basics with guided mode, or rigorously challenge yourself with ambient sound or timer mode. The best part is to practice any lesson available on the internet while also recording your biodata.

Stay motivated to practice everyday

Tracking your goals daily with those three rings makes meditation feel more real and less like some abstract, unattainable thing. Every minute you practice, it automatically counts towards closing the rings.

Tiny changes combine to create clear trends

Trends helps us see the big picture when small changes add up. They make it easier to spot important changes. Some metrics like HRV can be less responsive, so it's better to look at them on a monthly or yearly basis.

Flowtime in research

The potable and accurate Flowtime headband is an excellent tool to see how the human brain and body react to the environment. See what ASMAA BARAKAT discovered in his article.

Flowtime's Eco-Friendly Efforts

We are proud to use eco-friendly materials in our product production to do our bit for the environment.

  • FSC® Certified Recyclable Packaging
  • DuPont Sorona® Eco-efficient Performance Fiber
  • Bio-based Sponge: Save 30% Energy & Reduce 63% CO2.

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