It's a great day to take your mindfulness journey to the next level with the Flowtime app's exciting new update! 

We already have a wealth of bio-metrics available in the app. Our ambition is to offer personalized lessons that can amplify your experience of increasing alpha and theta brain waves. We are excited to introduce seven new meditation tracks uniquely tailored for you on Flowtime, crafted by the talented Sommer Leigh, the founder of Sound Science Soul.


Who is Sommer Leigh, you may wonder?

Sommer is a leader in sound-enhanced cognition. She's well-known for her detailed research over the years. Her work focuses on creating unique meditation tracks. These tracks help users understand and control their mind better. Simplicity, accessibility, and effectiveness are key in Sommer's work. Her aim is to help people unlock their potential. This leads to incredible mental clarity and a more peaceful life.


Where can I find the lessons?

Starting today, these new meditation tracks are readily available in your Flowtime app. All you have to do is navigate to

Flowtime App > Meditate > Category > Mind Mastery

You’ll find these new, life-enhancing tracks waiting for you. 

"Working with Flowtime is a fantastic opportunity to share the essence of Sound Science Soul with a wider audience," Sommer Leigh expressed. "I'm delighted to contribute to enhancing the Flowtime user experience, helping more people discover the profound benefits of meditation and understanding their brain states."


Explore More Lessons from Sommer 

And it doesn’t stop there. If you’re interested in exploring more premium lessons from Sommer, please visit the Sound Science Soul website at 

Experience the true power of your mind as you embark on a life-changing journey with Sommer's carefully crafted and powerful content. Step into a fresh era of mindfulness with Flowtime - the perfect blend of wellness and science. Can't wait to meet you on the app!


Just a gentle reminder, peace isn't a goal, it's a journey. Your personal journey to tranquility starts here and now, with Flowtime.


April 19, 2024 — Flowtime Team