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I have problems in connecting the headband with the app.

Updated: Jun 21, 2021

  • Make sure the headband is on standby for pairing.

Press and hold the power button till the indicator lights up. If the headband is ready to pair, the indicator flashes rapidly. If the headband is already paired, you will see a steady blue light.

If there is no light, please charge the headband for more than 10 minutes and try again.

  • Make sure the Bluetooth works.

  1. Make sure Bluetooth is turned on. If it's on, turn it off and reopen it.

  2. Make sure the headband is near your phone.

  3. Other Bluetooth devices may interfere with the headband when it is connecting with the app. Please keep them far away.

  4. If you have an Android phone, please allow the app to have the location permission before connecting.

  • Try to connect the headband again. If it doesn't work as well, please restart your phone.

If you've tried all tips mentioned above and the headband still doesn't work, please feel free to contact within the app or send emails to support@entertechhelp.zendesk.com. Our support team is always on standby.

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