Many people have tried meditation apps like Headspace, Calm, and Insight Timer. It's great if you try these apps and find your favorite meditation teachers or audio. You follow the guide and practice day by day. You are more familiar with the process, which makes you feel easy and smooth to get into the flow.
Have you wondered what flow could look like? How does your body react to the flow state? What if you start to follow a new guide?
Whether you listen to the audio Flowtime app provides, or the audio from other apps, or even you meditate with your guide face to face, Flowtime records the biodata and shows you reports afterward.
The only thing you need to do is to open the Flowtime app, put on the Flowtime headband, and chose Timer mode.
The Time mode won't play any sounds, but the headband collects and analyzes data as well.
How to make sure two apps work simultaneously?
Follow these steps:
1. Open other meditation apps and find the session/ambient sound you will listen to.
2. Open the Flowtime app and tap on the “Meditation Timer” card to select a time that is a bit longer than the length of your meditation session in case the end sound rings when the timer ends. Then click Start.
3. Go to the other meditation app and play the meditation guide/sound.
4. Return to the Flowtime app to keep it running in the foreground.
5. After the audio stops, end the session and view the report.
Watch the video for more details:
Flowtime can work simultaneously with other meditation apps. Feel free to use Flowtime to record biodata while meditating with the guide/sound of other meditation apps.
September 05, 2022 — Flowtime Team