We are the Flowtime team, engaged in brain science study for years and are leading the world in technologies like consumer-grade EEG acquisition algorithms that can play an active role in assisting people who meditate.

Therefore, to help more people benefit from meditation and meditate correctly and efficiently, we came up with the idea of Flowtime, a device that can monitor brain waves, heart rate and heart rate variability during meditation and generate detailed reports. The word “flow” can be defined as an “optimal state of consciousness where we feel our best and perform at our best.” Flow refers to those “in the zone” moments where focus gets so intense that everything else disappears. Therefore, Flowtime is the best description of entering the meditative state.

With precise data and guidance from well-designed courses by Mobio Interactive Inc., users will learn meditation more efficiently and effectively than ever before, as well as learn more about their own levels of meditation so that they can closely monitor their practice. We hope Flowtime will become the best companion for meditation and help our customers enjoy a healthier life.