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Flowtime Smart Meditation Cushion

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Transform meditation into an immersive experience

Experience mindful immersion with our innovative audio, visual, and vibration guidance. Make it easy for even beginners to cultivate calm awareness in the present moment and prevent the mind from wandering.

Flowtime Biofeedback System

Embrace certainty in the "zone" with audio cues

Know you're getting there as you hear the sound that verifies your desired state. No more guesswork or relying solely on feelings. 11 metrics available to set up:

  • Flow/Coherence
  • Brainwaves: Alpha/Beta/Theta/Delta/Gamma
  • Relaxation/Attention/Heart Rate

Flowtime Biodata Report

Witness Immediate Benefits of Meditation

Don't let a lack of immediate results hold you back from continuing your meditation practice. After just one session, you can already observe some of the amazing effects that meditation can have, as reported in our app.

What people say
I am very satisfied and amazed at the ability to monitor what goes on in the brain, stress levels, heart rate, etc. The option to use the unguided & timed meditation is worth it alone as you can use recorded guided meditation media from anywhere on the internet.
An impressive piece of technology! The app is fun to use and will amaze or surprise you with the well detailed feedback you receive from your meditation session. It's a perfect tool for medtation training.
I bought this to better understand my brainwaves when meditating. I get to see actual percentage of theta, alpha, etc. HRV is an added plus! All out together makes for good data when you are trying to get the most of your meditations as well improve your health.
Incredible resource for tuning your meditation! This is the perfect resource for monitoring your meditations. Since it builds a library of my activity, I can even reference all the metrics-over-time charts for my past sessions. Well worth the money!

Developing a meditation habit for lasting benefits

We all know that meditation is super beneficial, but sometimes it can be to stay on track. Flowtime is here to help you out, offering everything you need from beginner to expert.

Multiple practice modes

Practice basics with guided mode, or rigorously challenge yourself with ambient sound or timer mode. The best part is to practice any lesson available on the internet while also keeping a record of your biodata using Flowtime.

Metrics from Basic to Personal

If you're new to this, just pick Flow or Coherence as the goal to help you get in that relaxed focus zone. If you wish to explore more, you can also try setting personalized metrics like "Alpha > 30%" to really tune into your alpha waves. Learn more.

Tiny changes combine to create clear trends

Trends helps us see the big picture when small changes add up. They make it easier to spot important changes. Some metrics like HRV can be less responsive, so it's better to look at them on a monthly or yearly basis.

Stay motivated to practice everyday

Tracking your goals daily with those three rings makes meditation feel more real and less like some abstract, unattainable thing. Every minute you practice, it automatically counts towards closing the rings.

Flowtime in research

The potable and accurate Flowtime headband is an excellent tool to see how the human brain and body react to the environment. See what ASMAA BARAKAT discovered in his article.

Flowtime's Eco-Friendly Efforts

We are proud to use eco-friendly materials in our product production to do our bit for the environment.

  • FSC® Certified Recyclable Packaging
  • DuPont Sorona® Eco-efficient Performance Fiber
  • Bio-based Sponge: Save 30% Energy & Reduce 63% CO2.

Meditation Headband


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