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Flowtime Biosensing Meditation Headband
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Flowtime Smart Meditation Cushion

Heart Rate | HRV | Breathing | Respiratory Rate

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I am very satisfied and amazed at the ability to monitor what goes on in the brain, stress levels, heart rate, etc. The option to use the unguided & timed meditation is worth it alone as you can use recorded guided meditation media from anywhere on the internet.
An impressive piece of technology! The app is fun to use and will amaze or surprise you with the well detailed feedback you receive from your meditation session. It's a perfect tool for medtation training.
I bought this to better understand my brainwaves when meditating. I get to see actual percentage of theta, alpha, etc. HRV is an added plus! All out together makes for good data when you are trying to get the most of your meditations as well improve your health.
Incredible resource for tuning your meditation! This is the perfect resource for monitoring your meditations. Since it builds a library of my activity, I can even reference all the metrics-over-time charts for my past sessions. Well worth the money!
the science behind meditation

Biosensing technology helps you dig deep inside your meditation

Meditation is not just a spiritual experience. Science will tell you what meditation does to your brain.

unlock premium lessons

Easy-to-start Guided Audio for Beginners

Whether you want to be more focused or less stressed, you'll always find the guided lessons you need here. The content is scientifically validated by the University of Toronto and passes through clinic tests.

your health data library

Keep Track of your Health Trends and be Insightful

Data includes but is not limited to brainwaves, HR, HRV, breathing patterns, relaxation, attention, and stress.

be more motivted to reach your goals

Simpler to Build Meditation as a Routine

Tracking your goals daily makes meditation feel more real, and less like an abstract, unattainable concept.

health life assistant

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