Pick the right one for you

Compare with Muse

There is no bad or good product. But there is definitely a device that suits you better.

The Same Biosensing EEG Technology

Both FLOWTIME and Muse use EEG technology to understand how the brain and body are reacting to meditation. Both devices are passive, meaning neither outputs any electrical or other signals into your skin or scalp.

Different Bias

However, the same technology could help you with different biases.

Muse is designed to make meditation easy to guide you via biofeedback. For some users, real-time feedback is helpful to know their status. But for others, audio feedback may also be distracting.

FLOWTIME is designed to help you build meditation habits and dig deep insight into your practice by tracking rich biodata.

UPDATE: The metrics you can see in the report can be set as biofeedback or neurofeedback goals, like theta wave, gamma wave, attention, relaxation, or heart rate.

Transform Your Meditation into the Most Richest Biodata Report

You'll see the richest and most detailed meditation reports to help you gain an intuitive experience of your practice.

Meet Your Brainwave Data

Discover noticeable changes in meditation states from the dramatic and compelling graph, including α, β, θ, γ, and δ waves.

Get More Flow Time

When you get into the focused, calm state, and how long you've been there? You'll know.

Find Your Breath Coherence

Once you are physically and mentally balanced, your breath rhythmically shapes in the form of sine-wave regularly.

Keep A Closer Eye on Your Long-term Wellness

A critical part of maintaining personal wellness is tracking changes in health.

Long-term Habit Building

Small daily goals, like the ten-minute daily meditation, are good for keeping habits, while it’s also important to leave an eye on habit building in the long term. That is why looking at full 12-month trends can be so insightful.

Long-term Health Trend

Suppose you keep practicing for over a month. In that case, the Trend is a new way to highlight significant changes intelligently and surfaces the information in a way that’s easy to understand, especially when some metrics are less responsive, like HRV.

There is Always a Mode that Suits You

FLOWTIME has clinically validated guided lessons. But we do encourage you to try new ones and new teachers.

FLOWTIME is the first meditation biosensing device that is compatible with other audios.

Guided Meditation

FLOWTIME has more than 200 sessions of premium guided lessons and sounds. Follow the guidance of our professional tutors step by step.

Co-work with other Apps

You may have guided audio from your loved teacher. No problem. Listen to that audio and record biodata with Flowtime headband. You'll get new insight into your practice.

Resonant Breathing Training

Slow deep breathing is an efficient way to relax the body and mind to get the sense of balance and equanimity. Resonant Breathing Training will help you get into that state.

Simpler to Build Meditation as a Routine

Tracking goals visually makes meditation feel more real, and less like an abstract, unattainable concept. With Flowtime App, you may feel it's easier to build meditation as a part of your routine and get a big goal.

Simpler to Build Meditation as a Routine

Meditation is a long journey, and the Rings would help you build mediation as a part of your routine.

Challenge Makes Practice Stay Motivated

On the way to a healthy life, you are not alone. Join a program and encourage each other to close your rings!

Every Badge is a Milestone

When you reach significant milestones or complete a challenge, you’ll receive badges.

Accurate and Affordable

Our two-channel sensor (Fp1 plus Fp2 reference and ground) makes FLOWTIME an affordable, consumer-friendly technology with > 92% correlation match to a 64-channel Neuroscan SynApms RT device, which costs more than USD38,000.