Flowtime Smart Cushion

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Ergonomic Design

Comfortable cushion set. Top pillow helps you sit straightly withe less effort. Floor cushion keeps your knees, legs, and ankles free from cold, aches and cramps.

Recorded Biodata

Built-in heart rate and breathing sensors, Flowtime Cushion tracks your heart rate, HRV, Breathing Patterns, and Stress.

Supported Modes

  • Guided Lesson Mode: If you are a beginner, there are more than 110 easy-to-start lessons to help you gain the essentials of meditation.
  • Resonant Breathing Training: Follow the 5-5 breathing pattern to get calm and relaxed quickly.
  • Timer Mode: It's okay if you want to play your own music. The Timer mode is just for you, recording biodata when you play any tracks.

3-Month Free Membership

Every package includes a gift card that you can redeem three-month membership in the app to enjoy all premium lessons.
Fabric & Fillings

Top cushion: bio-based sponge and buckwheat hull

Bottom cushion: bio-based polyester fiber

Fabric: 100% Cotton (Grey and White)


Battery: 2000 Hours of Continuous Use (Rechargeable Li-Ion)

Compatible Phone Models: Android 6.0, iOS 11.2

Bluetooth Connection

Size & Weight

Top Cushion 41*40*13cm (16*16*5in), 2.2kg (4.9 lb)

Bottom Cushion 76*79*7cm (30*31*3in), 1.2kg (2.6lb)

Return Policy & Warranty

30-Day Satisfaction Guarantee

1 Year Warranty

Resonant Breathing Training

Following the vibration and sound guide of Resonant Breathing, you'll get the sense of balance and equanimity.

Keep Track of your Health Trends and be Insightful

The Flowtime app shows your progress over time, so you know if you're doing as well as you were before—or even better.

Simpler to Build Meditation as a Routine

· Set up Your Goals

· Join Challenges and Win Badges (coming soon)

Guided or Unguided, There is Always a Mode that Suits You

· Guided Meditation

· Co-work with other

· Apps Unguided Meditation

Haute Couture Designer Studio

Another Aura was inspired by the Reuleaux Triangle, a magic blend of triangles and circles.

Staying Comfortable is Essential

The top cushion gives you ergonomic support to help you sit straightly with less effort.

The bottom cushion is so soft that it keeps your knees, legs, and ankles free from cold, aches, and cramps.

Supportive and Comfortable Fillings

Buckwheat hulls are covered with a thin layer of sponge, so you feel soft and supportive at the same time. Even if you meditate for more than 1 hour, you get no pain at all.

Perfect to Decorate Your Home

The unique cushion provides you with a unique space for meditation practice and mindful living.