Flowtime Biosensing Meditation Headband

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Headband & App

Biofeedback Training

With built-in two-channel brainwave and heart rate sensors, the Flowtime headband makes it possible to customize biofeedback training at home with 10 metrics, 5 sounds, and intervals from 5s to 30s. 

Recorded Biodata

Flowtime headband tracks 5 types of brainwaves, heart rate, Attention, and Relaxation in real time and provides monthly and yearly reports. Visualized performance and progress make it easier to build meditation into your routine.

Supported Modes

  • Guided Lessons & Relaxing sounds
  • Resonant Breathing Training
  • Timer Mode

Lightweight & Comfort Design

  • Flexible sensors for a better fit on the forehead.
  • Larger sensors for superior signal quality.
  • Improved softness of the shell and rubber bands.



      · Battery: 8 Hours of Continuous Use (Rechargeable Li-Ion)

      · Compatible Phone Models: Android 6.0, iOS 14

      · Bluetooth Connection

      · Package Size & Weight

      16.5x19.5x6cm (6.5x7.7x2.4in), 345g (1 lb)

      · Product Size & Weight

      14x19x5cm (5.5x7.5x2in), 29g (1 oz)


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      • Usually by local postal service with tracking number.

      Commercial shipping

      • Costs vary from country to country between 15 to 25 USD, showed at the checkout page.
      • Typically takes about 5 to 7 days to arrive if flight and customs clearance go well.
      Return Policy & Warranty

      30-Day Satisfaction Guarantee

      1-Year Warranty

      magic mindful breaths 

      Breathing Exercises for Optimized Brain & Body

      Your breath wields power over body and brain alike. Opt for different patterns to enhance performance, while Flowtime lets you monitor biodata—your body and mind’s secret language—for better control.

      • More Energy = Inhale > Exhale
      • More Calm = Inhale < Exhale
      • Higher HRV = 5s Inhale + 5s Exhale
      richest biodata each session

      Comprehensive Reports

      Various practices affect the body uniquely. With Flowtime, you get detailed session reports. Choose a biofeedback goal from these metrics, and observe how others shift in response.

      GET MORE WITH Premium

      Guided Lessons & Nature Sounds

      Beyond breathwork, the app’s lessons cover diverse topics and continue to expand. The soothing soundscapes create a mindful haven, shielding you from external distractions and easing you into the zone.

      free timer mode

      Play Your Favorite Audio

      Track your practice without limit. Play audio from Apple Music, Spotify, Calm, Headspace, or any tracks you have. Then you can measure your body and brain performance by hearing audio cues and seeing the trends.

      Professional Biofeedback System

      Set Metrics from Basic to Advanced

      If you're new to this, just pick Flow or Coherence as the goal to help you get in that relaxed focus zone. If you wish to explore more, you can also try setting personalized metrics like "Alpha > 30%" to really tune into your alpha waves.


      Dive Deeper into Your Mind & Body

      Feel the surge of gamma waves during energy boosts or notice the dominance of theta waves in deep flow moments. Keep practice, and you’ll gain a superior control over your body and mind.

      Real-Time Graph Monitoring

      Cast or Share Your Live Biodata

      Anyone with the link can view live data in their browser before the session concludes. Copy and paste the link to share your live graphs with your teacher or students to guide like face to face.

      Cast the dashboard on a big screen for better data visibility.


      Make it a Habit

      Accomplish more by focusing on less. Try to close 3 rings every day, or start with one goal for the first week and then the changes become obvious.

      • Meditation Time: do you practice 5 minute a day?
      • Coherence time: Do you get into a body-mind balanced status?
      • Flow Time: Does your brain get into flow during practice?

      They love it. You will too.

      A perfect companion for:

      • meditation teachers
      • brain training coaches
      • hypnosis practitioners
      • digital life lovers
      • life hackers

      Product Review from Kevin

      Kevin Schoeninger shares his explorations with measuring Flow State biomarkers such as a balance of alpha, theta, and beta brainwaves, heart rate, HRV, and levels of Attention and Relaxation. He then guides a short practice to take you into a state of flow.

      Love Seeing Actual Data

      Angela tried to meditate with just music, but got a sense of where you are in your journey. That was challenging without any specific tracking or data till she met Flowtime.

      crafted design

      Comfortable, Adaptable & Reliable

      Benefiting from 6 years of consistent enhancement, you can have reliable at-home biofeedback training now.

      New Update

      With the latest app, Timer Mode and Breathing Training work offline. You’ll get real-time data and biodata reports even in internet-free zones. When you’re back online, your reports sync seamlessly. No more data loss during network hiccups or device switches!

      Specs & Package

      • Package Size & Weight: 16.5*19.5*6cm (6.5*7.7*2.4in), 345g (1lb)
      • Product Size & Weight: 14*19*5cm (5.5*7.5*2in), 33g (1.2oz)
      • Compatible Phone Models: Android 6.0, iOS 11.2
      • Battery: 8 Hours of Continuous Use (Rechargeable Li-Ion)
      • Bluetooth Connection: BT 4.0
      • What's also in the box: Quick User Guide, three-sized rubber bands, magnetic charging cable.


      What improvement has been made recently?

      The new version has a flexible sensor structure to better fit the forehead, bigger sensors for better signal quality, and improved softer shell and rubber bands for increased comfort.

      Do I have to subscribe to use the app?

      No. The app is free to download and use. If you don't need the premium guided lessons and sounds, you do not have to subscribe. The Timer mode is free to use. You could listen to any audio you like from other apps and use the Timer mode to record Biodata.

      What devices are the app compatiable

      iPhone and iPad iOS 14 +
      Android 6.0+

      Will it work with third-party meditation apps?

      Yes, it works well with Apple Music, Spotify, Calm, Headspace, Insight Timer, etc. You can play audio from other apps while record Biodata using Timer mode as long as you keep Flowtime running in the foreground.

      Can I export EEG data from the app?

      Yes, you may go to Me - Data Management to export your raw data including brainwaves, heart rate, etc.

      How long does it take for the shipment to arrive? 

      Free shipment takes 10-30 days to arrive depending on the country and whether it’s rural areas. Commercial shipping takes 5-10 days to arrive and costs $15-$25 depending on the country.

      Is tax included in the price? 

      No, tax is not included in the price. If customs contact you, please pay as required.