Flowtime Biosensing Meditation Headband

$188.00 USD $216.00


Gen 2 boasts a more comfortable and practical design. (Ship in a week)

  • Flexible sensors for a better fit on the forehead.
  • Larger sensors for superior signal quality.
  • The improved softness of the shell and rubber bands.

Recorded Biodata

Built-in two-channel brainwave and heart rate sensors, Flowtime Headband, tracks your types of brainwave, heart rate, HRV, Attention, Relaxation, and Stress, in real-time. Visualized meditation performance makes it easier to build meditation into your routine.

Supported Modes

  • Guided Lesson Mode: If you are a beginner, there are more than 110 easy-to-start lessons to help you gain the essentials of meditation.
  • Resonant Breathing Training: Follow the 5-5 breathing pattern to calm and relax quickly.
  • Timer Mode: It's okay to play your music. The Timer mode is just for you, recording biodata when you play any tracks.

3-Month Free Membership

Every package includes a gift card to redeem a three-month membership in the app to enjoy all premium lessons.

      · Battery: 8 Hours of Continuous Use (Rechargeable Li-Ion)

      · Compatible Phone Models: Android 6.0, iOS 11.2

      · Bluetooth Connection

      Size & Weight

      · Package Size & Weight: 16.5*19.5*6cm (6.5*7.7*2.4in), 345g (1lb)

      · Product Size & Weight: 14*19*5cm (5.5*7.5*2in), 29g (1oz)

      Return Policy & Warranty

      30-Day Satisfaction Guarantee

      1-Year Warranty

      Maximal Biodata

      · Meet Your Brainwave Data

      · Find Your Breath Coherence

      · Get More Flow Time (coming soon)

      · HRV, Attention, Relaxation, Stress

      Guided or Unguided

      There is always a mode that suits you.

      · Guided Meditation

      · Co-work with other Apps

      · Unguided Meditation

      Simpler to Build Meditation as a Routine

      · Set up Your Goals

      · Join Challenges and Win Badges (coming soon)

      Product Review from Robo

      Robo is experienced in EEG devices, and he even made one on his own. He supported our crowdfunding campaign in 2019. See what advice he has for you.


      · Package Size & Weight: 16.5*19.5*6cm (6.5*7.7*2.4in), 345g (1lb)

      · Product Size & Weight: 14*19*5cm (5.5*7.5*2in), 29g (1oz)

      · Compatible Phone Models: Android 6.0, iOS 11.2

      · Battery: 8 Hours of Continuous Use (Rechargeable Li-Ion)

      · Bluetooth Connection


      What is the difference between Gen 2 and Gen 1?

      The Gen 2 version of has a flexible sensor structure to better fit the forehead, bigger sensors for better signal quality, and improved softer shell and rubber bands for increased comfort.

      When will the Gen 2 version be available for shipping?

      The Gen 2 version is about to ship in three weeks.

      Where can I purchase Gen 1 outside EU?

      Gen 1 version is still available for purchase on Amazon.com, and the shipment is fulfilled by Amazon. After the Gen 1 version is sold out, the Gen 2 will be sent as the new stock.

      Do I have to subscribe to use the app?

      No. The app is free to download and use. If you don't need the premium guided lessons and sounds, you do not have to subscribe. The Timer mode is free to use. You could listen to any audio you like from other apps and use the Timer mode to record Biodata.

      What devices are the app compatiable

      iPhone and iPad iOS 13 +
      Android 6.0+

      Will it work with third-party meditation apps?

      Yes. You can play audio from other apps while record Biodata using Timer mode as long as you keep Flowtime running in the foreground.

      Can I export EEG data from the app?

      Yes, you may go to Me - Data Management to export your raw data including brainwaves, heart rate, etc.