Flowtime Brain Tag
The Most Accurate
Sleep Tracker

Sleep analysis based on brainwaves, heart rate, HRV & movements.

Empowering you with sleep insights to optimize your actions.

The Most Accurate & Powerful Brain Tag Here for You

The small science-fiction-level tag offers you a more precise, more abundant and deeper and understanding of your sleep.

Comprehensive Sleep Monitoring

This innovative tag boasts four advanced sensors – EEG, PPG, temperature, and accelerometer – providing comprehensive assessment of your sleep patterns.

Comfortable for All Sleep Positions

The small-in-size ear tags gently adhering around the ear, ensure minimal discomfort in all sleeping positions.

EEG Data: the Benchmark of Sleep Tracking

EEG-based trackers offer data that is often used in scientific research and clinical settings, providing you a high level of sleep analysis and monitoring.

Research-grade Sleep Data

EEG provides a more detailed and accurate assessment of sleep, including sleep spindles and K-complex, often not achievable with wrist-worn devices which rely on motion sensors and heart rate monitoring.

Flowtime Activity Report

Not limited to nights; wear it all day to explore how daytime activities impact your nighttime slumber. A comprehensive view helps you unlock the secrets of health.

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Premium Sleep Content

Discover an oasis of tranquility with Flowtime's premium sleep content. From enchanting sleep stories to soothing music, white noise, ASMR, and guided meditation, our exclusive offerings will help you unwind and find restful sleep like never before.

What’s unique

Small & Comfortable

Barely feel it whether you sleep on your side, on your back, or on your stomach.


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Powered by 3 Million + Sleep Data

With 3,000,000+ sleep EEG sessions from 100,000 individuals, our improved sleep algorithm is trusted and reliable.


Julian D

Not only amazing, but in our hectic world I believe this headband to be essential. I bought it for seeing the brainwaves and that alone makes it a must buy at least once in your life. What I have found amazingly is the tracking of your stress level. I work in IT so knowing exactly how stressed I am informs me when I am more stressed than I realize.

Kevin Schoeninger

A couple years later I found the Flowtime Biosensing headband and have since done several hundred sessions with it. It's reliable and accurate over the years. I'm happy to see that all the data, including brainwaves, heart rate, HRV, coherence, attention and relaxation. I find these additional metrics very useful to see the fuller picture of how meditation affects body and mind.

Antonia J. Bautista

Best device that monitors your brain and heart coherency. I love this device I researched all the other brain wave devices and none of them can do all of this. If you want to know what state and how well you are developing in your mediation practices then this is for you. It is a great price for all that it accomplishes and great tech support.