meditation meets science

Get to know
your meditation
on another level

Flowtime Biosensing Meditation Headband


Transform Your Meditation into the Most Richest Biodata Report

You'll see the richest and most detailed meditation reports to help you gain an intuitive experience of your practice.

Meet Your Brainwave Data

Discover noticeable changes in meditation states from the dramatic and compelling graph, including α, β, θ, γ, and δ waves.

Get More Flow Time

When you get into the focused, calm state, and how long you've been there? You'll know.

Find Your Breath Coherence

Once you are physically and mentally balanced, your breath rhythmically shapes in the form of sine-wave regularly.

Premium Content to Master the Essential of Meditation

200+ guided master meditation lessons, including Relax, Sleep, Focus, Self-care, Moments, etc.

Easy-to-start for Beginners

200+ premium lessons recommended just for you. Whether you want to be more focused or less stressed, you'll always find the guided meditations you need here.

Scientific & Authoritative

The world's only courses have been scientifically validated by the University of Toronto and passed through clinical tests.

There is Always a Mode that Suits You

Flowtime app can work with other music player apps to record biodata whatever you listen to.

Guided Meditation

Follow the guidance of our professional tutors step by step.

Co-work with other Apps

You may have guided audio from your loved teacher. No problem. Listen to that audio and record biodata with Flowtime headband. You'll get new insight into your practice.

Resonant Breathing Training

Slow deep breathing is an efficient way to relax the body and mind to get the sense of balance and equanimity. Resonant Breathing Training will help you get into that state.

Simpler to Build Meditation as a Routine

Track your goals every day makes meditation feel more real, and less like an abstract, unattainable concept.

Simpler to Build Meditation as a Routine

Meditation is a long journey, and the Rings would help you build mediation as a part of your routine.

Challenge Makes Practice Stay Motivated

On the way to a healthy life, you are not alone. Join a program and encourage each other to close your rings!

Every Badge is a Milestone

When you reach significant milestones or complete a challenge, you’ll receive badges.


3-Month Free Membership

Every package includes a gift card that you could redeem three-month membership in the app to enjoy all premium lessons.

Comfortable and Easy-to-Use

Weight: 29g
3-size rubber bands makes headband stable
Battery: 8 hours Continuous Use

Accurate and Affordable

Datas accquqired by our two-channel sensor (Fp1 plus Fp2 reference and ground) has more than 92% correlation match to a 64-channel Neuroscan SynApms RT device, which costs more than USD38,000.

Product Review from Robo

Robo is experienced in EEG devices, and he even made one on his own. He supported our crowdfunding campaign in 2019. See what advice he has for you.

Customer reviews
An impressive piece of technology! The app is fun to use and will amaze or surprise you with the well detailed feedback you receive from your meditation session. It's a perfect tool for medtation training.
I am very satisfied and amazed at the ability to monitor what goes on in the brain, stress levels, heart rate, etc. The option to use the unguided & timed meditation is worth it alone as you can use recorded guided meditation media from anywhere on the internet.
I bought this to better understand my brainwaves when meditating. I get to see actual percentage of theta, alpha, etc. HRV is an added plus! All out together makes for good data when you are trying to get the most of your meditations as well improve your health.
Incredible resource for tuning your meditation! This is the perfect resource for monitoring your meditations. Since it builds a library of my activity, I can even reference all the metrics-over-time charts for my past sessions. Well worth the money!


What is the difference between Gen 2 and Gen 1?

The Gen 2 version of has a flexible sensor structure to better fit the forehead, bigger sensors for better signal quality, and improved softer shell and rubber bands for increased comfort.

When will the Gen 2 version be available for shipping?

The Gen 2 version is about to ship in three weeks.

Where can I purchase Gen 1 outside EU?

Gen 1 version is still available for purchase on, and the shipment is fulfilled by Amazon. After the Gen 1 version is sold out, the Gen 2 will be sent as the new stock.

Do I have to subscribe to use the app?

No. The app is free to download and use. If you don't need the premium guided lessons and sounds, you do not have to subscribe. The Timer mode is free to use. You could listen to any audio you like from other apps and use the Timer mode to record Biodata.

What devices are the app compatiable

iPhone and iPad iOS 13 or later
Android 6. or later

Will it work with third-party meditation apps?

Yes. You can play audio from other apps while record Biodata using Timer mode as long as you keep Flowtime running in the foreground.

Can I export EEG data from the app?

Yes, you may go to Me - Data Management to export your raw data, including brainwaves, heart rate, etc.