Flowtime App Premium Membership - One Year

$69.00 USD $99.99


Experience the full benefits of meditation with the Flowtime App Premium Membership. For one year, unlock all premium guided lessons and soundscapes, plus access to a live stream of your biodata, and use 11 biofeedback metrics to guide your daily practice. Receive expert guidance and explore a world of tranquility for just $99.99 yearly.

How does it work

After your order is confirmed you'll receive an email containing the code to redeem in the Flowtime app. The membership starts after you redeem it and lasts 365 days.

Return Policy & Warranty

You have a 7-day free trial. Just contact us to have refund.

Wellness at Your Fingertips

Achieving Your Goals with Premium Resources and Insights

Upgrade to our premium plan and get the most out of exclusive access to a wealth of resources, including more guide lessons, sounds, and metrics to help you achieve your goals.

The Ultimate Mind-Body Wellness Companion

  • Access all 11 biofeedback metircs
  • Live stream your real-time biodata
  • Over 120 guided meditations (English only)
  • Relaxing soudscape
  • Personalized monthly report
  • New content released

Rich Biofeedback Settings for Optimal Training

  • Biofeedback metrics: heart rate/resparitory rate.
  • Neurofeedback metrics: alpha/beta/theta/gammar/delta.
  • Meditation metrics: flow/coherence/relaxation/attention.

You can change protocols as you like or discuss the therapy with your therapist.

Live Stream Your Real-time Biodata

It's so easy to showcase real-time data on a big screen or share the audience with real-time biodata when you hold an online meeting. Just tap and open it on the browser.

Get the Personalized Summary in a Step

The Monthly Report will show you various statistics and insights about your meditation sessions, such as goals you completed, the average, maximum, and minimum values of each metric, and their trends.

Enjoy all Premium Content

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Do I have to subscribe to use the app?

No. The app is free to download and there are some free modes and sources to use for daily practice. The Timer mode is totally free, which means you can use this mode to record biodata when you listen to any audios outside of the app.

What devices are the app compatiable?

iPhone and iPad iOS 14 +
Android 6.0+

Can I have a free trial?


1. If you subscribe in the app, you can also enjoy a 7-day free trial. If you decide within those 7 days that the subscription is not for you, you can cancel it for free.

2. If you purchased from the website, you'll have a 7-day money back guarantee.