Flowtime Brain Tag

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Experience the extraordinary with Flowtime Brain Tag, uniquely equipped with EEG, PPG, temperature, and accelerometer sensors. Tailor-made for brain training and sleep tracking, it's your all-in-one solution for holistic well-being.

Estimated Shipping in late June 2024.


    • Comprehensive Sensors

    EEG, PPG, temperature, and accelerometer for precise insights into sleep quality, including metrics like brainwave-based sleep stages, brainwave changes, sleep spindles, stability index, heart rate, HRV, respiratory rate, temperature, and sleep positions.

    • Three Modes: Meditation, Brain Training, Sleep Tracking.
    • Premium Content: Guided meditation, immersive music, noise & ASMR, sleep stories, breathing training, and other brain training.
    • Detailed Sleep Report: Unparalleled insights with brainwave changes and a unique sleep spindle index set it apart.


          • Meditation Mode: Achieve tranquility with biofeedback-guided meditation or relaxing sounds.
          • Brain Training Mode: Elevate focus, alpha waves, theta waves and cognitive abilities. Practice SMR training to improve sleep quality.
          • Sleep Tracking Mode: Monitor and enhance your sleep quality.


            • Light and Compact: less than 8g (0.3oz), effortlessly wearable, enhancing comfort.
            • Small Design: Unobtrusive yet powerful for discreet use.
            • Sleep-Friendly: Strategically sticks around one ear, allowing for a comfortable night's sleep.

              The Most Accurate & Powerful Brain Tag Here for You

              The small science-fiction-level tag offers you a more precise, more abundant and deeper and understanding of your sleep.

              Comprehensive Sleep Monitoring

              This innovative tag boasts four advanced sensors – EEG, PPG, temperature, and accelerometer – providing comprehensive assessment of your sleep patterns.

              Comfortable for All Sleep Positions

              The small-in-size ear tags gently adhering around the ear, ensure minimal discomfort in all sleeping positions.

              Flowtime Brain Tag: Unrivaled in Sleep Tracking & Brain Training

              Redefining Wearable Technology for Superior Sleep and Brain Health Insights

              WHY BRAIN TAG?

              EEG Data: the Benchmark of Sleep Tracking

              EEG-based trackers offer data that is often used in scientific research and clinical settings, providing you a high level of sleep analysis and monitoring.

              Sleep spindles: solidify memories and ensure stable, uninterrupted sleep.

              K-complex: keep sleep deep and steady, help move from one stage to another.

              Delta waves: assess deep sleep quality.

              Flowtime Brain Tag Sleep Report

              Comprehensive Sleep Quality Scoring

              Get an advanced sleep score out of 100, covering key aspects like sleep duration, REM, deep sleep, and unique EEG-only metrics like the Spindle Index, offering deeper insights than standard trackers.

              Insightful Sleep Stage Correlations

              A vertically aligned sleep report offers a detailed, intuitive view of how sleep stages correlate with brainwave activity, heart rate, and HRV, enabling users to tailor personal sleep improvement strategies.

              DAYTIME COACH

              Train the Brain for Better Sleep & Focus

              Flowtime goes beyond insights, equipping you with biofeedback SMR, breathing, attention, relaxation, alpha and theta training.

              A comprehensive tool to enhance your mental health and well-being.

              Daytime SMR Elevates Sleep & Memory

              Numerous studies have shown that daytime SMR training can significantly enhance night-time sleep quality and memory retention.

              Realtime Feedback & Report

              Biofeedback SMR training is like a brain gym, giving you real-time feedback and reports to fine-tune your brain's natural ability to sleep well.

              Explore Unlimited Biofeedback Uses

              Use the Free Training to track your attention at work or assess if you're in the flow, like when you're deeply immersed in playing the piano.

              Let Premium Sleep Content Induce You into Sleep

              Use Flowtime premium content or play your saved lists on Spotify or Music, totally up to you.

              Flowtime Sleep Library

              Experience peaceful nights with Flowtime's sleep audio: Guided meditations, relaxing sounds, ASMR, and sleep stories, all crafted to help you relax and effortlessly fall asleep.

              Stream Anything that Puts You Asleep

              Flowtime's free mode lets you stream your favorite audio to fall asleep. Whether it's an audiobook or soothing music, the audio gently fades away as you drift off, ensuring you never lose your place.

              Light, Comfort, Convenience

              To ensure seamless, all-day wear, we've focused on what matters most: a lightweight design for ease, ultimate comfort, and hassle-free convenience.

              Feather-Light & Invisible

              Weighing just 8g, Flowtime tag offers stable, comfortable sleep tracking. Ergonomically designed, it's barely noticeable, ensuring precise brainwave monitoring all night.

              Secure & Comfortable 3M™ Tape

              Crafted with 3M™ technology, the tape is a reliable, replaceable, and affordable and low-allergenic solution even for prolonged usage. Included with the tag for a year's use.

              24/7 Tag with Easy Charge

              Battery worries? Don't be! 16 hours per charge, ensuring overnight use. The charging case recharges it 8 times, so after your morning routine, it's ready again. Always ready for your needs.

              Unlock Sleep Brain Tech

              After three years of innovation in response to feedback on our Flowtime headband, we're excited to announce a new sleep tracking solution, available for pre-order now, with shipping estimated for February 2024.

              Join us in advancing sleep technology to ensure you're among the first to experience this exciting new development.

              Thank you for being part of the meditation journey. This is your chance to be part of a sleep revolution, shaping the future of restful nights.

              Pre-order Reward

              Seize our pre-order bundle offer at just $228, a significant drop from the $298 retail price, and gain a 1-year premium app membership.

              Pre-order now to access exclusive sleep content, brain training, and advanced biofeedback features!

              Ultimate Brain & Sleep Tracker

              Flowtime Brain Tag, the world's top brain tracker. Monitor your brain and body during sleep, meditation, and brain training for deeper insights and improved wellness.