What is Pressure?

There is a significant correlation between pressure and heart rate variability. [1][2]
Pressure affects physical health, and continuing exposure to high stress may increase the risk of chronic diseases.[3]
The Pressure monitoring algorithm evaluates the perceived stress by analyzing factors such as heart rate variability. The high value of Pressure indicates a higher stress level and likewise the low values.
In the case of drinking, getting sick, lacking sleep, etc., the Pressure may be higher than normal. Exercise may affect the measurement of pressure.

The Pressure calculation needs more bio-data. Therefore, it takes a bit longer to have the result (generally more than 1 minute).

How to understand the Pressure graph?

During meditation, deep breathing training can effectively reduce stress, and long-term meditation training can improve stress resilience.


When you are doing meditation, generally, you'll have a low and stable pressure level.


It's a typical trend that shows how your pressure level changes when you are working, generally up and down at a higher level.

Check out the Pressure Graph and Relaxation Graph, and you can see how relaxed are your physical and phycological states.
September 05, 2022 — Flowtime Team